March 15, 2021

SAM “I wonder if people will ever say, ‘Let’s hear about Frodo and the Ring.’ And they’ll say, ‘Yes, that’s one of my favorite stories. Frodo was really courageous, wasn’t he, dad.’ ‘Yes, my boy, the most famousest of hobbits. And that’s saying a lot.’ ” FRODO “You left out one of the chief characters. […]

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Why our church won’t have an Online Campus

October 26, 2020

There is a major shift taking place in the American evangelical church. A shift that is quickly being promoted by the church growth experts and adopted by the majority of mega churches. This is a shift away from in-person church gatherings to virtual and digital gatherings. Of course, this trend has been growing for years […]

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5 Steps to Overcoming Covid Anxiety

July 28, 2020

I’ve discovered the secret. I know how to overcome the dangers of Covid-Anxiety. These are NOT my steps.  These are Jim’s steps.  Let Me Explain. I’m a pastor.  And every Friday I fill my schedule, all day long, with back-to-back appointments speaking with the members of our church.  We call it “Friday with the Pastor”.  We sit, have coffee, […]

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When Should the Christian Disobey the Government?

July 23, 2020

Let us disassociate ourselves from the extreme positions on either side of this immensely emotional debate.

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Building a Bigger Front Door

May 4, 2020

ONLINE CHURCH! The very words bring strong emotion to the hearts of many Christians and ministry leaders.

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April 6, 2020

It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat. You could be a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and find that you’ll agree with a Philadelphia Eagles fan, at least on this one point. Even the redneck and the socialite will find common ground here. I think we can all agree. During this COVID-19 […]

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Battling a Critical Spirit

March 3, 2020

Today’s Blog is a guest post from my wife, Heather. Enjoy! “Two men went up into the temple to pray; the one a Pharisee, and the other a publican. The Pharisee stood and prayed thus with himself, God, I thank thee, that I am not as other men are, extortioners, unjust, adulterers, or even as […]

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December 9, 2019

(The Next Phase for the Idea Network) We keep meeting young men who are looking for solid mentorship. We keep meeting seasoned leaders who desire to impact the next generation. We encounter so many young women who are longing for wisdom and encouragement. We encounter so many mature women who are gushing with love and […]

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A Bible for the Plow Boy

November 27, 2019

Josh, why are you doing this? Friends and detractors alike have asked me this same question over the last few weeks. Why enter the decades-old debate regarding KJV-Onlyism? Why go public with my views rather than keeping them to myself and my church? It’s because I want to stay in unity and fellowship with my […]

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Three to Thrive No Longer

September 23, 2019

I’m often asked if our church still has a Sunday evening service and a Wednesday evening service. I grew up in a Christian tradition that scheduled Sunday morning services, Sunday evening services, and Wednesday evening prayer meetings.  This custom was established by visionary men in the 19thCentury who desired to give their congregants more opportunity to […]

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