Why Integrity Matters

August 1, 2022

We will never truly win until we decide that losing the race, losing the institution, losing the business, or losing the church isn’t nearly as important as losing our integrity.

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How to Apologize like a Man

March 28, 2022

Somewhere, the modern American leader has been duped into believing bluster and bravado will get you further than honesty and humility. Christian leaders like to see ourselves as the descendants of Jesus; yet we often more closely resemble His antagonistic adversary.

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A Community of Castaways

February 2, 2021

He sat with his back toward the entrance of the cave.  Though this position of vulnerability might put most battle-hardened warriors on edge, this fugitive felt completely at ease. He had nothing to fear because his men were on guard. They had his back. And beyond this motley crew of misfits, he deeply believed that […]

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CHURCH – Some Assembly Required

April 13, 2020

Eventually, Christian leaders will have to do what they’ve done for 2,000 years. We will have to lead the flocks to which Christ Himself has made us overseers. We cannot permanently abdicate responsibility to temporal powers.

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April 1, 2020

Josh Irmler recently sat down with Josh Hershberger (Executive Director & Senior Counsel at The Good Citizen Project) and Fred Murray (Executive Pastor at Southern Hills Church in Las Vegas) to discuss the recent CARES ACTS and how it relates to the local church.

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Crusoe, Coronavirus, & the Miraculous Benefits of Productivity

March 18, 2020

301 years ago, Robinson Crusoe, widely considered the First English Novel, was released in England to enormous praise.  Audiences loved the simple story of a castaway who spends 28 years on a remote tropical island near Trinidad.  Poor Crusoe encounters prisoners, mutineers, and even cannibals during his adventurous stay.  Yet the first foes he would face would not come […]

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Ministerial Jealousy

February 17, 2020

They call him the little green-eyed monster.   The Bible calls it envy. I call it part of my spiritual journey. I know that I’m experiencing ministerial jealousy when… Instead of Rejoicing, I Find Fault All I can remember thinking when I entered the Children’s Ministry complex of NewSpring Church in Wichita was, “what I wouldn’t give […]

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December 9, 2019

(The Next Phase for the Idea Network) We keep meeting young men who are looking for solid mentorship. We keep meeting seasoned leaders who desire to impact the next generation. We encounter so many young women who are longing for wisdom and encouragement. We encounter so many mature women who are gushing with love and […]

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If You liked Idea Night You’re going to LOVE Idea Day

October 1, 2019

We are less than 4 months away from Idea Day West, hosted by Southern Hills in Las Vegas.  January 27-28 is quickly approaching and there are several things that you’d better not forget when packing for this highly anticipated follow-up to our surprisingly successful Idea Night & our inaugural Idea Summit.   Okay, this year you’d better… Bring Your […]

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How To Lead Change

April 30, 2019

It’s not easy! If you’re the pastor of a church needing revitalization, you know better than most how difficult it can be to lead the church into healthy change.  So many naturally see their own traditions and preferences as both godly and biblical.  Unfortunately, so many good folk in the pews have had this fallacy […]

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