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If You liked Idea Night You’re going to LOVE Idea Day

We are less than 4 months away from Idea Day West, hosted by Southern Hills in Las Vegas.  January 27-28 is quickly approaching and there are several things that you’d better not forget when packing for this highly anticipated follow-up to our surprisingly successful Idea Night & our inaugural Idea Summit.  

Okay, this year you’d better…

Bring Your Bible

Idea Day is simply a day to share ideas.  We never intended to become another pastor’s conference with preaching and music.  There are already so many great ones out there.  However, last year’s Idea Summit changed all of that.

The Southern Hills choir, worship team, and band absolutely killed it under the direction of Jason Coombes.  Hundreds of ministry leaders filled our auditorium with authentic praise and heartfelt worship, lifting the name of Jesus on high!  The time of prayer for our nation, our cities, our movement, our church planters, our missionaries, our families, and our churches was something truly unique and worth repeating.  But when Thom Rainer took the stage and delivered his message…. It was then that the pastors of the Idea Network decided, we’ve got to do this again.

This year Kurt Skelly will be bringing the Word to our Idea Day West event.  Nationally known and universally respected, Kurt has previously led breakout sessions at previous Idea Network events that have proved to be the favorites of many delegates.  His relaxed sense of humor and deft approach to Scripture has made Kurt a beloved conference preacher around the globe.  We are honored to have him preaching at the Idea Day West in January.

Bring Your Notebook

If you enjoyed the 2-hour, collaborative, idea-sharing at the previous Idea Night – get ready to experience a FULL DAY of brainstorming, brilliant concepts, and fresh ideas.  At this point, I’ve been to MANY Idea Network events and each one has been unique and life-changing.  

Seriously!  Friday’s with the Pastor, Sermon-Based Small Groups, social media strategies, creative sermon calendar planning, and so many other ideas we’ve implemented at Southern Hills came directly from an Idea Day like this one.  This is why I can’t wait for January 27-28.

As Steven Miller said so many years ago, “No Agendas. Just Ideas.”

Bring Your Team

Trust me.  You’ll be glad you came to Idea Day, regardless.  However, if you come without bringing someone from your team, I know you’ll regret it.  Ask yourself, who on my team needs to be in a creative environment that will challenge them to go further than ever before, encourage them to think outside the box, and motivate them to keep going and growing?  

Bring a few of your deacons.  Take the opportunity of traveling together, worshiping together, learning together, and dreaming together.  Perhaps it’ll be the debriefing time, late Tuesday night around the diner’s table, that will be the standout moment for you and your entire board.  Bring your staff.  Not only will they see many friends from college and seminary, they’ll likely meet new friends who’ll encourage them in their walk with God and ministerial goals.  

Bring Your Friends

Josh Irmler and I often talk about our favorite aspect of any pastor’s conference.  It’s not the preaching.  It’s not the idea sharing.  It’s not the networking with new ministries, missionaries, and brilliant minds.  It’s all about the relationships.  Being able to see your friends in a welcoming, non-judgmental, non-political, fun and relaxing environment is like breathing fresh air.  

Yes, the fourth point is “bring your friends”, but that’s just so that it matched the other five points. Yes, you can bring your friends.  But Idea Day really is the place to see your friends, and meet new friends.  Some of the closest friends I have in ministry today are the ones I was introduced to through the Idea Days that I’ve attended.  Yes!  Bring your friends, by all means.  But if you’re in need of some pastor friends – guys like you, who are passionate about gospel ministry, optimistic about the future, and ready to take this world for Jesus Christ – you need to come to Idea Day.

Bring Your Wife

The one thing that makes Idea Day West unique, even among the other Idea Network events, is that it happens in Las Vegas.  This city is the perfect romantic get-a-way for you and your wife.  Incredible hotel rooms for reasonable rates, direct flights from most cities in the United States.  World-class golf courses, five-star restaurants, once-in-a-lifetime shows, and a church you’ve always wanted to see in person (Yeah – you know what talking about).

Seriously though, why not look at January 27-28 as the perfect opportunity to get away with your wife for a few extra days alone.  Come to the Monday night and Tuesday conference.  Then, spend Wednesday and Thursday touring around the city.  It’s the perfect winter escape, especially for my friends up there in the Midwest.

Plus, this year’s Idea Days will include many sessions for women.  Including ones taught by my wife, Heather.  Idea Day is NOT a retreat for men.  It is an event for all ministry leaders.  Our selection of breakout sessions, round-table discussions, and networking opportunities will have every wife of every pastor in your church loving every moment.  The ladies on your team will not feel left out, disregarded, or underappreciated in the slightest.  

So, there it is.  We are only a few months away from this incredible event.  I hope that you are making plans now to join us.

By your tickets, book your rooms, call your friends, and register today at…


If you have questions about Idea Day West – feel free to comment below:

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