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MENTORSHIP – the missing ingredient?


(The Missing Ingredient)

Things have turned out pretty well for me… so far.

That’s not to say I don’t have my problems.  I can’t get off sugar.  I waste too much time watching movies.  And I still have a short temper that can get me in trouble with my closest friends and family.

But, as a whole, my life seems to be humming by nicely.  I’m accomplishing my goals.  I’m enjoying a healthy relationship with my wife and children.  I’m walking close with the Lord.  Things aren’t perfect, but they are certainly headed in the right direction.

WOW!  Brag much Josh? 

I’m aware that these statements can be viewed as arrogant and prideful, but you have to understand my heart on the matter.  I take no pride in these things because I don’t see any of them as my accomplishments.  I believe there are 3 reasons why things have progressed in my life the way they have thus far…

1 – The Grace of God

Life is fragile and at any moment I could come down with a debilitating disease.  There is only one reason this has yet to happen.  My children could run from me, my wife could decide to leave me, and my church could fire me.  There is only one reason that I can see that these things have not yet happened.  My nice little life could be thrown way off track, but for the grace of God.  And even if it were, Jesus has promised that, “His grace would be sufficient for me.”  

One way God has demonstrated His grace is to provide… 

2 – The Friends Around Me

I’m not sure that I’ll ever fully grasp how privileged I’ve been to have the people God has given me.  From my childhood through my teenage years, I’ve been surrounded by friends and family who love God and point me in the right direction.  I work with incredible people & live with the perfect partner.  Our church members are genuinely kind and my pastoral friendships are truly deep. Even this morning a friend from Tennessee reminded me of the importance of “elevator” people, those who lift you up. 

Friends are invaluable, but irreplaceable have been… 

3 – The Mentors I’ve Pursued

God has given me some incredible mentors throughout my life.  In fact, one of the things that Heather and I have in common is this particular point. The right people have come into our lives at the right moments and have produced a path forward we had not previously seen.  These “mentors” deserve the credit for anything good that might come out of our lives.  Time would prevent me from listing the teachers, evangelists, pastors, coaches, church volunteers, and writers with whom we’ve spent many hours.  Sitting at the feet of great, yet humble, men and women has prepared Heather and I for the life and ministry to which we have been called.

So then, could it be that the missing ingredient in your life and ministry has been proper mentorship? Do you long for coaching that accurately sees your condition, identifies potential opportunities, and offers suggestions that lead to success?  Do you feel that you have a hunger for the Word and a passion for ministry but simply lack the personal relationships necessary to receive sound counsel?

I get it!  That’s why we are creating the Idea Mentoring program. These last few months we’ve been drilling down on every detail before we officially launch on March 1, 2020. We’ve already begun selecting mentors, developing the website, writing our structure, creating events, and establishing our mission statement.  I’m so excited about sharing these details with you all, but before I do, I’d like to hear from you.


What are some of the hinderances faced when attempting to find a mentor?

What should a mentor do to help a mentee take the next steps in life and ministry?

Why do mentor/mentee relationships break down?

What areas of life would you specifically need a mentor?

Help us in our development process.  Share & Comment Below:


P.S.  During thanksgiving week we will be releasing many details about the official launch of Idea Mentoring!  Stay Tuned…

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