A Community of Castaways

February 2, 2021

He sat with his back toward the entrance of the cave.  Though this position of vulnerability might put most battle-hardened warriors on edge, this fugitive felt completely at ease. He had nothing to fear because his men were on guard. They had his back. And beyond this motley crew of misfits, he deeply believed that […]

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A Bible for the Plow Boy

November 27, 2019

Josh, why are you doing this? Friends and detractors alike have asked me this same question over the last few weeks. Why enter the decades-old debate regarding KJV-Onlyism? Why go public with my views rather than keeping them to myself and my church? It’s because I want to stay in unity and fellowship with my […]

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The History of KJV Onlyism

November 25, 2019

Seldom do friends agree in totality on every subject.  I have friends who prefer Popeye’s to Chick-Fil-A.  I have friends who prefer Star Trek to Star Wars.  I even have friends who cheer for LSU!  THIS DRIVES ME CRAZY!  Why?  Because, I’m a control freak, and everyone should see everything as I do.  However, I’ve learned that I cannot demand conformity of my friends without fundamentally altering […]

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Be Courageous and Refuse to Compromise

July 13, 2018

Compromise is not ALWAYS wrong. I’ve sat in many marriage counseling sessions listening to stubborn people who refused to lower their unreasonable expectations.  Many times I’ve encouraged young entrepreneurs to reconsider their business plans and embrace the ideas of another.  I’ve even found that pastors can find certain moments of compromise necessary.  How the nursery workers […]

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The Truth About Suffering

July 4, 2016

(An explanation of Ecclesiastes Chapter 4) There it was – only inches from my eyes – the document that I’ve heard about since my days in Mr. Bowman’s 4th grade class.  Only a few weeks ago I stood in the National Archives Museum with my wife and three children looking through bullet-proof glass at a […]

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The Importance of Studying Culture – 4 Reasons

November 9, 2015

In Stella Ting-Toomey’s fascinating book Understanding Intercultural Communication, the author presents eight solid reasons to study intercultural communication. She proposes that it is essential for leaders in the 21st century to understand how to communicate effectively in this ever-shrinking global society. Though she gives eight reasons in the first chapter of her book I will […]

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How We Got Our Bible

March 14, 2014

So, how did the Bible get made? From where did it come? I heard a comedian once say, “Christians are so funny. They believe that God wrote a book, threw it from heaven and somebody found it in a field.” Not only is this inaccurate and insulting, it’s also a bit naïve. As Christians we […]

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The Gods We Make

March 7, 2014

Idolatry is really a funny practice. Funny strange, not funny Ha Ha. If you take time to think about it… it’s pretty weird, right? The prophet Isaiah talked about this nearly 2700 years ago. Isaiah 44:8-17 Is there a God beside me? yea, there is no God; I know not any. They that make a […]

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Why is the Bible Difficult to Understand?

January 17, 2014

I know that some might be offended at the question. “The Bible isn’t difficult to understand,” they may claim. But the fact is, I’ve been studying the book my entire life and there are still portions of the Scripture that I struggle to understand. Even Peter mentions that some Scripture written by Paul would be […]

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My Pilgrimage – Day 2

January 10, 2014

What an amazing experience this has been. Let me share what I mean… The Sermon on the Mount In Matthew 5-7 we read that Jesus went up into a mountain and taught the disciples. Perhaps its because I’m from the Western United States that I have such high standards for the usage of the word […]

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