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The Calming Power of Music

“…whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely . . . and if there be any praise, think on these things.” – Philippians 4:8

Iremember it was almost bedtime Christmas Eve and my siblings and I were anxiously awaiting the big event. All we had to do now was fall asleep and awaken early Christmas Day. This is not an easy task for a

young boy with all the excitement of unwrapping gifts coursing though his body. My parents suggested watching some TV before going off to bed, a great idea! This particular night a classic was being shown, Ben-Hur. This would not be the typical showing of Ben-Hur since it was Christmas Eve; instead, the TV station had decided to show the entire movie, all 3 hours of it, in complete silence. That’s right, no sound! They called it a “Silent Night” special edition and showed the entire movie with just the dialogue in subtitles. Wow, for a young child this was so BORING!

With today’s technology, we have music playing all around us almost every minute of the day. This certainly can make life enjoyable or at times cha- otic. What is the soundtrack of your life? That’s right, what music are you choosing to accompany your daily tasks? Often, we put little thought into the music we allow to fill our lives.

Take a look at your playlist or CD collection and determine which of these help calm your spirit when you are on the way to work, eating lunch with the kids, or taking a walk around the park. I suggest listening to music that will encourage you to think about God’s love for you.

What is on my playlist today? Does the music I listen to help me think on godly things?

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