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We Can’t Afford It

Growing up in a middle class family, I was accustomed to having high speed internet and cable television. When you are newly married and the budget is tight, some things just have to go. For me, cable and internet where those things. I remember watching television and having to get up off the couch every ten minutes to adjust the television antenna. It was annoying. Even worse than that was hooking up my cell phone to my computer to get internet access. It would take about 45 minutes to pay a bill online. I wanted faster internet, but I could not afford it. Distinguishing between needs and wants is difficult. While in seminary, I was playing basketball with a local teenager. This teenager owned the latest video game system and a large flat screen television, but his clothing had holes and his shoes where falling apart. His parents made purchases that satisfied the family’s wants, but ignored the family’s basic needs.

There is nothing wrong with having luxuries that you can afford. There is something wrong about putting your wants above the needs of those you are responsible for. Vehicles, media, larger housing, and entertainment do not come before putting food on the table. As Christians, God wants us to know our financial picture and make wise spending choices that benefit those we love. Being diligent will bring contentment and help you avoid further debt and can even help you get out of it.

Make it a point to ask God daily for help with providing for the flock God has given you, with the resources he has given you. Is God meeting my needs? Am I being diligent to give to God?

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