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Josh Teis is a Las Vegas based pastor/church planter who is passionate about sharing ideas to help spur on the next generation of leaders. He is pastor of Southern Hills Church in Southwest Las Vegas and is the leader behind the Idea Network and the nationwide pastor’s conference, Idea Day.


southern hills

Southern hills church

Southern Hills church is located in southern Las Vegas and is dedicated to making disciples for Jesus Christ in the Las Vegas area. The church offers in depth discipleship and a loving community. If you would like more information about visiting Southern Hills please click the link below. 


idea network

Idea Network was created to be a place for ministry leaders to share ideas. The network provides both in-person and virtual spaces for inspirational and collaborative environments.  Idea Days, Idea Nights, Idea Summits, and Idea Mentoring are all intentionally designed to spark imagination, encourage collaboration, and inspire ministry leaders to new heights of creativity and accomplishment.

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the bible talks with Josh & heather

The Bible Talks is a podcast by Pastor Josh and his wife Heather where they discuss modern topics as they relate to the Bible. Tune in with iTunes on your Apple device or via the Google Play Store. 


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The Quest for Friendship by Josh Teis

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