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The Power of Vulnerability

Vulnerability is the shortest and strongest bridge that connects a leader to his followers.

One of the most terrible accusations that can be made against a leader is that he is unapproachable, or worse unrelatable.  Those you are attempting to lead ought genuinely know that you are a real person with real problems whose happened to discover real solutions.  Over the last few years I’ve begun to discover the power of being honest, open, and vulnerable in my life and ministry.

In this podcast Andrew and I discuss The Power of Vulnerability in three separate ways.

1.  Vulnerability in our Public Speaking

2.  Vulnerability in our Leadership Style

3.  Vulnerability in our Relationships

Take the next 33 minutes to listen to this engaging and entertaining discussion of this very important topic.  Afterward, I would love you to share your thoughts, subscribe to the podcast, and give us 5 stars on iTunes.


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