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The Perfect Valentine

Welcome to my inner thoughts. Each year a battle takes place in my mind as I attempt to pick out the perfect Valentine gift for my beloved Heather. My thoughts are conflicted and my decision unclear:

“Flowers! I don’t think so… They’ll die in less than a week.”

“Chocolates! Face it… You’ll eat more than they will and then you’ll both feel bad that you broke your diets.”

“Jewelry! Sure… But this time find something that won’t turn her skin green.”

And then it comes to me! The Coastal Couples Retreat is the perfect gift for several reasons:

1. Alone Time

Life is too busy. With three children raise, a church to shepherd, a staff to guide, and a house to maintain, we have often found ourselves slowly drifting apart from one another. This is why we have to insist on alone time.

On Thursday Morning, March 10, we will climb into our Honda Civic and drive 4 hours to the beautiful Southern California Coast. The next 2½ days are ours. We will check-in to a nice hotel, walk the Santa Monica Pier, and dine at Chick-fil-A. Hey, I said alone time, not fancy time.

2. Romance Time

This alone time gives us an opportunity to talk. To actually communicate our life experiences with one another has been one the key elements to the romance in our marriage. The drive alone is a perfect opportunity to discuss plans for the year, hopes for the future, and fears of our hearts. This level of communication brings an intimacy that so many couples seem to lack.

One of the most unique elements to the Coastal Couples Retreat is the amount of unscheduled time that is given to each couple. Without overwhelming us with an overcrowded schedule we are free to explore Manhattan Beach, stroll through the famous Third Street Promenade, or shop the Manhattan Village Mall. One year we even rented bicycles and biked the coast.

3. Growth Time

Some misunderstand the purpose of a Couples Retreat. They improperly view it as repair work on a broken-down marriage. When in fact, a Couples Retreat is actually preventative care on a well-maintained marriage.

This is why we have secured Tate & Debbie Throndson from CastleRock, CO. These wonderful speakers will share Biblical principles that will help every marriage grow stronger. With a focus on marital communication, true intimacy, and cultivating compatibility these 4 sessions will strengthen every marriage that is privileged to take part.

Valentines Day is only days away! Give the gift that will help your relationship like no other.

I will be taking Heather to the Coastal Couples Retreat in Manhattan Beach, California on March 10-12. I hope that you will join us there.

To register go to:

Space is limited – Register today!

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