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The Idea of Idea Day

Idea Day is a day to share ideas.  Ministry leaders from various backgrounds, circles, and perspectives come together to share some of the greatest ideas they’ve implemented in their particular ministries in recent months.  It’s a fun, relaxed, and yet thrilling environment.  We’ve had a great time these last five years since its inception, but we have so much more we believe the Lord is leading us to.


What Just Happened?


The Church Planting Luncheon Fundraiser

 So, let’s get real.  Idea Day is a bunch of ministry guys sitting around talking shop.  A good time, but not exactly world-shifting.  This is why we decided to establish a new element to the Idea Day Network.  On Monday afternoon we held our first fundraiser for Kingdom work.  10 church planters from around the world (thanks Montreal & Perth) presented their vision and plans to a small group of less than 100 delegates.  In that single event we were able to raise $61,075 for the propagation of the gospel through church planting.  This is something every follower of Jesus can celebrate.  This is something we plan on doing many times more in the future.


The Keynote with Thom Rainer

 No other element of The Summit was discussed with more fervor or deliberate intent than that of the Monday evening Keynote.  Who would we have speak?  Who would risk their reputation and agree to come?  What will our critics think of having Thom Rainer?  Should we have music?  Should we use the drums?  Should be tone it down?  Should we ask Christian G. to shave his epic beard?  Beatbox?  Really? What will people think?  What will people say?[1]  In the end we decided on two important statements to lead us.  “Relax, it’ll be fine.”  And  “The worship (both music & teaching) is intended to please the Lord, not the audience.”  With these phrases came great peace and liberty.

The music was incredible!  The sermon was perfect.  The theme of the evening was from Zechariah 4:6 which states, “Not by might, nor by power, but by my spirit, saith the Lordof hosts.”  We were reminded that no new idea, no new plan, no new method would be able to bring about the revitalization and revival that we need so desperately from the Heavenly Father.  After the preaching of the Word the altars were full of hundreds of men and women desperately seeking the Spirit’s power.  This moment set us up for the most incredible Idea Day we had ever seen.

The Idea Day Itself

Logistically, Idea Day would’ve been a disaster without the incredible volunteers from Southern Hills led by the extraordinary leadership of Kylie Dulo, Director of Idea Day Network.  Each hour we had 4 Coaching Sessions, 2 large Roundtable Conversations, a Livestreamed Panel Discussion in the auditorium and many solo delegates walking around networking with new and old friends.

More content than ever before. More diversity in topics than we’ve ever seen.  Deep theological discussions, methodological brainstorming sessions, and philosophical conversations attempting to improve our church planting efforts and international evangelism endeavors.  The conversations were fascinating, and potentially life changing.  In reality, those who have been associated with Idea Day the longest have called it the best event we’ve seen to date.

So, where do we go from here?


What’s Coming Next?

Idea Day West

Our next Idea Day will be back in Las Vegas on January 27-28, 2020.  We have secured Kurt Skelly(pastor of 27 years) as our Monday evening keynote speaker and he will be accompanied by the Southern Hills Praise Teamfor our time of worship. The following day we will, once again, have 4 Coaching Sessions, 2 large Roundtable Conversations, a Livestreamed Panel Discussions rounding out our 14thIdea Day.  http://ideaday.net/2020

Idea Day East

Our 15thIdea Day will be something special indeed!  We are headed back East Coast and will be right outside of Philadelphia on September 14-15, 2020.  We have secured David Teis(pastor of 42 years) as our Monday evening keynote speaker and he will be accompanied by the Emmanuel Baptist Worship Teamfor our song service. The following day we will have several Coaching Sessions, our signature Roundtable Conversation, and a very special Live Interview with Cary Schmidtat the end of the day in which we will be discussing what it means to be In The Gospelhttp://ideaday.net/2020

Idea Night

Idea Night is a night to share ideas.  The newest event presented by the Idea Day Network will take place on August 20, 2019 – at a location near you.  20 different churches across the country will be hosting a 2.5 hour event that will provide collaborative brainstorming, fresh ideas, and ministerial fellowship.  It’s a mini idea day, near you.  Enjoy coffee and light refreshments while getting a taste of Idea Day through 2 well-structured Roundtable Conversations presented by the team at IDN. This may be your opportunity of trying an Idea Day Network event for the very first time, or get your Idea Day fix before our next big event.  Further announcements about this intriguing new concept will be coming in March. Stay tuned for details.

Idea Mentoring

We are in desperate need of spiritual coaching and ministerial mentoring.  What if we developed a simple database that we all could use for this opportunity. This would be an interactive page on the Idea Day Website where someone could apply for a one year mentorship program.  Faithful men like David Teis, Jeremy Rands, Robert Bakss, Tommy Thompson, Joshua Irmler, Ben Schettler, Matthew Teis, Robby Greene, Randy Justus, Fred Murray, Brandon Park, Eric Tastet, Matthew Lyon, Neal Berkey, Cody Kuehl, Tony Liuzzo, Matt Lahmann, and others will have a simply profile that includes their ministry experience, age, passions, and mentee expectations.  The applicant will click on a profile, and fill out a questionnaire formally requesting mentorship. Perimeters such as, a mentor should be a minimum 10 years older than the mentee, a once per month 45 minute Skype or FaceTime conversation including accountability/encouragement/direction, and a commitment to pray daily for one another will be set.  The concept is still in the development stage but look for this new aspect of IDN to drop in late fall, 2019.


Will You Join Us?

Ministry can be a lonely place.  We want to be your friends.

I know it’s difficult to believe such a simple and vulnerable statement.  We live in a world that is continually trying to sell us…something.  We come from circles that continually attempt to conform us to…something.  We come from churches filled with people who are continually needing from us…something. So, I understand if it looks strange to see a network of pastors/missionaries/evangelists/leaders who want only one thing: your friendship.

You don’t have to be like us to be accepted by us.  Honestly, you could be so conservative that you have a horse and buggy, and your horse is a registered gun owner.  You could be so progressive that even your rescued Pitbull has a tattoo.  We simply don’t care.  We’re not interested in making you trendy or traditional, contemporary or conservative.  Again, we simply don’t care about such things.  What does concern us is your emotional, spiritual, and relational health.  You are on the frontlines fighting the Devil, rescuing souls from Hell, standing for truth, and advancing the Kingdom of Christ. You shouldn’t have to feel alone.  You aren’t alone!  Yeah, you may feel like an outsider, but in reality you’re an outlier.  And your unique perspective has value, worth, and purpose.  We want to hear it.  We want to know you.  We want to sit at a roundtable conversation with youand hear yourideas!

Marginalized?  Yep!  Criticized? Us too!  Nervous that this new group of “friends” will be no different from the last?  Yeah, we get it.

Look, I used to think the primary offering of Idea Day were the ideas.  I was wrong.  We offer something far more important.  We are offering friendship.  A place to gather with other ministry leaders who are equally uninterested in criticizing the past as we are in idolizing it.  A place that is so busy celebrating the successes of our brethren that we have zero time left to answer our critics.  A positive environment that is genuinely optimistic about the future and extremely eager to hear your ideas, so that we can steal each and every one of them.[2]  And through this process of sanctioned thievery, we will become friends.  I know it seems idealistic and unrealistic, this fraternal brotherhood of disciples.  But it really is real.  It really is what Idea Day Network is all about.  Still Skeptical?  All I ask is that you simply reach out to someone who has attended an Idea Day and ask them, “What was your experience?”

Idea Day is a day to share ideas.  Idea Day Network is becoming much more.  We are so very excited to see where the Lord is leading us next and hope that you will join us on the journey into the future as we seek to honor our Lord and advance His Kingdom in this day and age.


Have Questions about Idea Day Network?  I’d love to answer them in the comment section below?  Have you been to an Idea Day Event and enjoyed your experience?  Please write about it in the comment section (below).  

Please feel free to SHARE this post on your social media accounts so that we can introduce even more people to this incredible network of ministers.





[1]Judaizers no longer have to travel up from Jerusalem to spy out our liberty.  They can now do it conveniently from their own laptops at home. Galatians 2:4 J

[2]And give you no credit!  NONE!

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