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A Miraculous Moment

This is a guest post by Jaclyn Palmer

Salvation is a Moment in one person’s life that changes their eternity. Okay, I didn’t write that… I stole it… from my pastor. (Sorry Pastor…it’s good stuff…take it as a compliment)

Salvation: The point a person learns of God’s love, acknowledges their own deprivation, and receives Jesus Christ as their Savior. Moment: (snap) … that quick.

This is wonderful! This is great! But even still the next step in our lives is what amazes me yet the more.
The big person word (aka the “theo-log-i-cal” word) is Sanctification. The easier word is Process… (again, sorry Pastor, but again, take it as a compliment) Here’s the deal! We don’t have to prepare ourselves or ‘turn over any leaves’ in order to get saved. Nor do we need to change who we are the moment we get saved.

Change is NOT in our hands. Not before salvation or after salvation. Change is the Process that happens in us by God during the “dash” of our lives. For example, the moment I got saved was August 7th 1994. I do not know my death date, but common sense tells me it will be sometime in the 2000’s. Which means God’s Process (or “sanc-ti-fi-ca-tion”) will occur during the dash of my saved life; 1994 – 2077 (this marks my 100th birthday). And the best thing is, I do not have to do a thing. I get to love my God. Period.

If the Moment of Salvation is a concept that is new to you and you desire to learn more about Jesus’ free gift of Salvation you can learn more about this Simple Truth here: Good News Video . As for the Process of Sanctification, the best resource is as follows:

1. Jesus! You received Him as your Savior which means He has taken residence in your life. This truth offers you the benefit of being able to talk to Jesus at all times. No matter where you are or what time it is, whether you can talk out loud or quietly in your heart, whether on your knees or at the mall… He is there.

2. You. As a Child of God, you no longer have to focus on yourself; your sorrows, your pains, your burdens, your sins. Now You focus on Jesus and let Jesus focus on You. I know this sounds simple, but the peace you will find as you change your focus is worth trying out.

This is my heart behind my new website, that it will be a comfortable place to learn of Jesus’ love and to grow in Him. My goal is to share the message (and at times mystery) of the Bible to us; women who desire to love Jesus more. I hope and pray you find your answers here at jaclynpalmer.com.

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    Joshua Teis
    August 13, 2013 at 6:55 pm

    Great post Jaclyn! Love the new blog!

    • Reply
      Jaclyn Palmer
      August 13, 2013 at 7:26 pm

      Thanks Pastor! You’re a pretty awesome cheerleader… minus the pom-poms…

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