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Don’t Give Up

“Within three years we’ll be out of here and building a new church building!”

We had just started our new church in Southwest Las Vegas and someone asked how long I planned on keeping the church in this temporary storefront location.  I couldn’t imagine that we would need to be there for longer than three years.  I remember this specifically because Clark County only gave us a three-year perking permit at the time.

“It won’t be a problem at all.  Three years from now we will be meeting in a brand new building!”

12 years later the dream has become a reality!

Over the last few years I’ve learned that…

1. It Will Come

It is so easy to give up on a dream.  When Joseph was just a boy God gave him the dream that he would one day be a great ruler and save his people.  But on his way to the throne Joseph had to experience betrayal, violence, slavery, slander, and prison.  Though at times I’m sure he struggled with his faith, Joseph never gave up on following after God’s dream for his life.

After 8 years into our church ministry I remember thinking that we were no closer to building a new facility than we were when we started.  I was terribly grieved.  Was I mistaken?  Did I misinterpret God’s calling and direction?

I’m reminded of the Apostle Paul’s words of encouragement:

Galatians 6:9 Let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

HEY YOU!  Yes – YOU!  

To the man who dreams of planting a new church but lacks the “necessary” things to accomplish this venture – Don’t give up!

To the woman who dreams of writing that book that book you know God put in your heart – Don’t give up!

To the parent who dreams of raising a godly heritage in an ungodly world – Don’t give up!

To the entrepreneur who dreams of advancing culture, providing for family, and succeeding in business – Don’t give up!

2. Imagination Avoids Stagnation

So, if we weren’t going to get a new building then we’d better figure out an alternative plan.  After a few years of ministry we had grown far bigger than our little building would allow.  So we started a 2nd service to accommodate the crowds.  A few years later and we had to start a 3rd morning service.  A few years later we added a 4th morning service.  At the end we held a total of five services every Sunday on our old campus.  

Our weekly schedule and ministry team changed dramatically.  We had to transition from Sunday School to Small Groups.  We had to transition from Wednesday Night Prayer Meeting to multiple prayer venues in multiple locations through Small Groups.  We have to transition our approach to ministry.  We had to change a lot in order to keep from growing stagnate.

Sadly, too many times our stubborn nature would rather experience deadly stagnation than life-altering imagination.  

We needed fresh ideas if we were to continue to remain on mission and see spiritual and numerical growth like we’d seen in the past.  We looked for these ideas.  We evaluated these ideas.  We utilized these ideas.  This allowed us to continue to press forward while God opened the doors to our new campus.

3. The Best is Yet To Come

This Sunday we will be entering our NEW CAMPUS for our very 1st worship service.  On that day we will take time to celebrate what God has done.  However, we will not believe that God is done.  

We believe that the best is yet to come for Southern Hills because now we are finally ready.  The first chapter of our story is finished and it looks like the next one is filled with even more miracles, transformed lives, and fulfilled dreams.  The building located at 6425 W. Pebble Road is not the end of the story but really just the beginning.  

Heather and I believe that we are now finally ready to accomplish what God has really been putting in our hearts to do in this city and around the world.  

So, if you find yourself a little discouraged at the pacing of God’s timeline – be encouraged!  What God has promised will always come to pass.  He will not waste a hard-working, forward-thinking, Christ-exalting person like you.  He may simply have you waiting in a holding pattern while He lines up the miracles you need.  Don’t give up my friend!  Remember what is says in Ephesians 3:20 about the God who “is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think.”  Jesus is working all of this together for His glory.

Our FIRST service at our new location will occur this Sunday at 9:30am and 11:15am!


I hope to see you there!

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  • Reply
    Leon Stevens
    October 31, 2016 at 4:43 pm

    Awesome to be part of this history. God has blessed Southern Hills Baptist Church many times over and will continue to pour out His blessings in the years to come…

  • Reply
    Craig Samples
    October 31, 2016 at 5:40 pm

    Wow!! God’s timing is right timing. I really needed what you just post right this very minute. Thanks for following the Holy Spirits leading. Happy for you guys at Southern Hills Church.

  • Reply
    October 31, 2016 at 5:42 pm

    Hey. Josh , U took my verse from the Bible. ❤️????
    Keep on keeping on.

  • Reply
    Cindi Porter
    October 31, 2016 at 5:57 pm

    Having served at Southern HIlls for the first 10 years, I am so excited for Josh and Heather and all the members to see this dream become reality, and to see the hand of God in the growth that has taken place there.
    Love Josh so much and all the people and pastors of SHBC.
    Hope to see you this Sunday at one of the services to celebrate Gods blessings with you.

  • Reply
    October 31, 2016 at 7:21 pm

    Heather gets to have some credit too. She is the great wife of this fellow Josh. ❤️❤️

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