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The Truth About Fiction

Present reality satisfies the cravings of our soul for only a moment and leaves us eagerly coveting for more.

Have you ever wondered why people of all walks of life are obsessed with fictional films? Perhaps it is the imagination of someday being transported into a magical world like Narnia and fighting a battle that is of far greater importance than you could have imagined or being destined to play the role of legendary honor and saving the day like Frodo in Lord of the Rings.

We know that we love fictional stories. The illustrious J.R.R. Tolkien alluded to four reasons human beings are captivated by longings that fantasy cannot satisfy.

  1. The ability to escape time and death.
  2. The idea of human beings communicating with supernatural beings.
  3. The longing for a love that heals everything and never having to let it go.
  4. The complete triumph of good over evil.

Fictional films are a memory trace of ultimate reality. Humans are created for another world, but a series of unfortunate events have called us to live in this world leaving us unsatisfied with the present. Perhaps you have realized that your bank account and retirement funds are never big enough; the job position or recent promotion is not quite celebrity worthy. The kids are not exactly the cookie cutter children you hoped them to be; you’ve been disappointed by family and friends, and no matter how beautiful your friends say you are, you find yourself with an unsatisfactory attitude that demands improvement.

We must realize we are created for another world; therefore, our desire cannot be fully satisfied in the present. However, the cure for our unsatisfied desires is believing the gospel and actively living the citizenship we already possess in heaven. “For our conversation is in heaven; from whence also we look for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ” (Philippians 3:20). Suddenly the bad news becomes a reality of active faith of the world to come. For in Jesus we will escape time and death. God did dwell among us, and we have seen His glory. The love of Jesus is a love that is without parting, and one day there will be complete triumph of good over evil. Jesus came down to break the barrier of ultimate reality, fulfilling the longing of every person who is willing to trust in him.

How are my desires fulfilled in the gospel? How can I live today like I am already in Heaven?

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