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We’ve now hosted Idea Days in Connecticut, Cincinnati, and Las Vegas.  Now we are headed to the deep-south for an Idea Day like no other.

Idea Day is a day to share ideas.  Ministry leaders from across the region come together for round-table discussions on evangelism, discipleship, worship, and ministry.  Ideas flow and concepts flourish in this environment which allows for open dialogue and ministerial acceptance.  Each of the previous 4 Idea Days have been amazing – but I am especially looking forward to Idea Day South for the following reasons:

  1. Leaders like Shane Lewis

So often the discussions of ministry leaders will tend toward church-planting and urban-Christian-development.  While these things are necessary it is also important for us to discuss refreshing established churches in rural areas.  Many of our guys are in the heartland of America and need real answers for the real struggles they are facing.  How do you bring life to an established church?  How do you grow a church in the middle of nowhere?

Men like Shane Lewis have the answers to these questions.  Shane has built an amazing church that nearly outpaces the population of his town.  People from all over are coming to this church.  Moreover, there are many other ministers in the area who have seen great movements of God because they have implemented ideas that have taken their church to the next level. You want these ideas.  You need these ideas.  I can’t wait to talk with you about these ideas.

  1. The South is Unique

I’m looking forward to discussing innovative ideas that will work uniquely in the South.  Let’s be honest, the West, Midwest, and Northeast are very different regions from the South.  How do we effectively contextualize the gospel in the post-modern Bible-belt?  How do I grow my church beyond this current cap?  How do I hire the right staff?  These discussions are going to be fascinating and I look forward to being part of them.

  1. Diversity in Churches

Many have already registered for this event and as I look through the early registrations I have noticed the vast diversity of the folks who are coming.  There are church-planting pastors and mega-church pastors.  Those who lead 1,000’s, those who lead 100’s, and those who lead dozens will all be in attendance.  Regardless of your church’s current stage you will find someone speaking who is just a few steps ahead.  I have found this to be one of the greatest things about Idea Day.  The expert is usually the person who is 12-24 months ahead of you.  Get to know them.  Talk to them.  Around the table you will find someone who will help you take your next step forward.

So, if you are a pastor, assistant pastor, missionary, church planter, evangelist, or ministry leader of any kind – you’re going to love idea day.  I want to encourage you to register as soon as possible. There is still spots for you and your team. If you plan on coming, secure your spot by registering today.

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