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(The Next Phase for the Idea Network)

We keep meeting young men who are looking for solid mentorship.

We keep meeting seasoned leaders who desire to impact the next generation.

We encounter so many young women who are longing for wisdom and encouragement.

We encounter so many mature women who are gushing with love and ministry experience.

Yet, for some reason, these separate parties aren’t finding one another.  It’s not that the younger generation isn’t willing to learn from the elder, or that the elder is unwilling to invest in the younger.  They are simply not finding each other.  We think we have a simple solution to this ministry dilemma.

We are in the midst of creating multiple venues that will allow potential mentees the opportunity of connecting with mentors for hours, days, or months at a time.  It’s called Idea Mentoring – and it all starts on March 1, 2020 – let me explain.

There are four main venues of the Idea Mentoring service:

1 – Idea Network Facebook Group

The first option is the most accessible and affordable.[1]  Thanks to Facebook we’ve developed a thriving community of collaborate colleagues who are continually sharing ideas; 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week.  Have a question about children’s ministry curriculum?  Post it!  Have you just discovered an incredible new book?  Post it!  Have you just successfully launched a new ministry? Post it!  Are you looking for a new ministry opportunity?  Post it!  Facing a frustrating new challenge?  Post it! Here you will find fresh ideas, genuine community, fascinating dialogue, and an authentic group of ministry friends.  This peer-to-peer mentoring is awesome, but not nearly as personally as the next 3 mentoring options that will soon be available through the Idea Network.

2 – Hourly Mentoring

Soon there will be a menu of 30 mentors that you will be able to access via The Idea Network Website.  Browse through the profiles of experienced leaders who specialize in church planting, church revitalization, international evangelism, assimilation & retention, women’s ministry, worship programing, youth ministry, social media, family life, nursery ministry, preaching, church business, pastoral counseling, & breaking growth barriers.  Select an individual who has already been where you are trying to go.  Book an hour of strategic mentorship that will take place through a video conference call at an agreed upon time.


$24.99 per 1-hour-session gives you access to any one of our 30 mentors.  Why charge for this service?  We desire to make each mentorship hour as effective as possible. We will do everything we can to avoid mentees who are not serious about showing up for their scheduled appointments. We refuse to endorse mentors who might haphazardly cancel scheduled appointments.  In short, we believe that providing a service that costs the mentee nothing will produce less than adequate results.  We believe the likelihood of dropped meetings and missed calls will decrease dramatically when there is a minimal financial investment made by the mentee and provided to the mentor.[2]


The value of professional coaching at such a low rate is available due to the generosity and humility of the mentors in the Idea Network.  Many of our mentors have already expressed their willingness to counsel & mentor at no cost at all.  However, we believe that a laborer is worthy of his hire and the potential danger of last-minute cancelations & unprepared mentees is dramatically decreased when a minimal fee is required at booking.


As a man, you’ve watched that pastor from afar but didn’t know how to reach out to him. As a woman, you’ve wanted to ask that pastor’s wife a list of questions but have never had the chance.  Where do you begin?  How do you ask for their time?  It’s awkward!  It’s weird! But you also really want to grow. “Share with me the most important aspects of raising godly children?”  “How should I engage my community’s leaders & and develop those relationships?”  “What steps would you suggest I take in transitioning our music?”  All of the practical ideas are right at the tip of your fingers.  Just as simply as adding it to your Amazon shopping cart, you’ll be scheduling a conversation with the person with whom you really need to talk.


Traditional mentorship, which still ought be sought, provides a singular voice who is often extremely gifted in a few areas of life and ministry.  Idea Mentoring provides a virtual cabinet of understanding men and women who will be able to help you in all areas of life and ministry.  Perhaps the first Wednesday of every month you speak with the same mentor about your personal life and family goals.  The second Wednesday of the month you speak with a different mentor about the growth barrier you’re attempting to break.  The third Wednesday of the month you speak with yet another mentor who is guiding you through a major shift in your local ministry.  Variety is not only the spice of life… it is the beauty of Idea Mentoring.

3 – Two Day Mentoring

Sometimes, an hour FaceTime conversation isn’t going to cut it.  Sometimes we crave more authentic and genuine connection. Sometimes we need someone onsite to see what we are actually facing.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could easily book David & Anna Teis for a family conference and pick their collective brain about raising children for Christ?  Wouldn’t it be helpful to bring in Fred Murray to look through your assimilation systems, annual budgets, & staff hiring procedures?  Wouldn’t it be amazing to bring in Jason & Kimberly Coombes to evaluate your worship services, speak to your musical team, and provide counsel on taking your Sunday services to the next level?

These are just a few of the options that will be available to every member of the Idea Network starting on March 1, 2020.

David & Anna Teis, Idea Network Ambassadors, will be spearheading this new effort.  The goal is to provide the next generation of Christian leaders with authentic, face-to-face, on-the-ground, traditional mentorship that balances personal inspiration and practical information.  When hourly mentoring needs to go to the next level, it’s time to book a 2-3 Mentoring Session.

4 – The Mastermind Retreat

Helping you navigate the ONE-BIG-IDEA by providing clarity, specificity, and accountability.

In July of 2020 Josh Irmler and I will be hosting our first Mastermind Retreat in the mountains of Colorado.  With a limited allowance of 12 men, we will be taking 3 days to personally help you identify the ONE-BIG-IDEA that must be implemented in your ministry over the next 12 months.  Throughout the retreat it will be our goal to help you write a very specific step-by-step action plan designed to implement your ONE-BIG-IDEA.  Over the following 90 days we will provide personal coaching to make sure you are taking the steps necessary to implement your ONE-BIG-IDEA.

So, you want to vote out the old church constitution, write a new one, and get it voted in next year?  We’ve done it and will coach you through the process.

So, you want to transition your church without splitting your church?  We’ve done it and will coach you through the process.

So, you want to learn how to hire the right people, lead a staff effectively, and lay out a vision for the future of your church?  We’ve done it and will coach you through the process.

So, you want to break a numerical growth barrier that has been keeping you stagnate for years? We’ve done it and will coach you through the process.

So, you want to buy land, hire a contractor, build a building?  We’ve done it and will coach you through the process.

So, you want to merge your church, start a new church, add multiple services, implement a giving campaign, change up your deacon board, start a millennial ministry, develop an annual preaching calendar, or change the name of your church? We’ve done all of these things and want to coach you through the process.

The financial cost for the Mastermind Retreat and 90-Day Coaching is substantial but the benefits will be powerful.  For more information on this event we ask that you contact Josh Irmler personally at

So, there you have it. The next phase of the Idea Network will include an increased focus on the importance of mentoring.  Yes, the Idea Day West in Las Vegas and the Idea Day East in New Jersey will be fantastic.  Yes, due to the success of the recent Idea Night we’ve already committed to another one which will arrive in a city near you in October of 2020. Yes, the rumored collaboration with Thom & Sam Rainer’s Revitalize 2020, which will be the largest event we’ve ever hosted, is coming together and details will be announced early next year.[3]

But if you were to ask me, “Josh, what has you most excited about the future of the Idea Network right now?”  That’s easy. Idea Mentoring, in all four of its’ forms, will provide avenues for the members of the Idea Network to actually implement the many ideas they receive at our Idea Days, Idea Nights, and Idea Summits.

It all begins on March 1, 2020.

[1] Of course, it’s absolutely free!

[2] Each Mentor will receive a quarterly check from the Idea Network determined by the number of sessions provided through the Idea Mentoring service.

[3] Seriously, very exciting stuff!  I cannot wait to share what is coming up.  But I must…

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