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The Idea Talks – Episode 07 – Organized Leadership

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In this episode, Josh Teis sits down with Jeremy Rands who pastors Monclova Road Baptist Church near Toledo, OH. Jeremy has served as an administrative pastor and as a lead pastor in several large, growing churches. He currently leads a large staff and must stay organized in order to effectively lead those around him. The big idea that will be discussed today is Organized Leadership.

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Quotes from the episode:

“I had to realize that I was there to help them reach their potential, not them to help me become something.” – Jeremy Rands

“We are here to help the staff reach their potential and in them reaching their potential, the church people get help and the church reaches it’s potential.” – Jeremy Rands

“Ministry is not the same as marriage.” – Jeremy Rands

“By being faithful to God in ministry, he may use different ministries to train you and equip you, so that he can use you later on in life.” – Jeremy Rands

“Making sure that I’m taking care of myself, spiritually, physically, emotionally, I can take care of more people.” – Jeremy Rands

“Rest is wisdom, being a sluggard is foolish.” – Jeremy Rands

“There are other pastors who do more than me, and I’m ok with that.” – Jeremy Rands

“Having the rest you need and having the relationship you need is leading to a place where you can have organization at the level you want it to be.” – Josh Teis

“By me setting my calendar, and not letting my calendar set me, I get more accomplished and I feel more peaceful when I do it.” – Jeremy Rands

“I get to decide if it’s an emergency when it’s my schedule.” – Jeremy Rands

“If you’re going to condition your church that every time they have an emergency they can have access to you and you’re going to drop everything, then all you’re going to be doing is going from emergency to emergency and your church and your life is going to become an emergency.” – Jeremy Rands

“There’s a difference between having a busy schedule and having a productive schedule.” – Jeremy Rands

Practical ideas from this episode:

  • Rest in between appointments with staff and church members in order to give them your best when meeting with them.
  • Don’t take more than 3 appointments in a day.
  • Date your wife every single week.
  • Schedule a weekly time to look at the next seven days.
  • If you don’t have staff, utilize deacons to help you with “emergencies”.
  • Use web-based calendar/email – yahoo, google, iCal, etc.
  • Plan big events for your church at least a year in advance.

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