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10 Reasons to come to the Parenting Seminar

For three Wednesday nights from 6:30pm-8:00pm (Nov. 28, Dec. 5 and Dec. 12) we will be hosting a parenting seminar that will help each of us as we lead our children, nephews & nieces and grandchildren into the future.  I hope that you will attend.  However, there might be those who question why this would be important.  Let me give you 10 reasons:

1.  The Bible has Answers

Have you been a little discouraged in your parenting and not sure what to do?  The Bible has the answers.

2.  David Teis (Guest Speaker)

On November 28th, my father will be sharing his parenting experience of 34 years.  David and Anna have 5 children, and 9 Grandchildren and an abundance of wisdom in the area of parenting and grand-parenting.

3.  Sam Brock (Guest Speaker)

On December 5th, Sam will be sharing Biblical counsel from his 20 years of parenting experience.  Sam and Cindy have children ranging from 9 years old to the age of 20 and have a unique perspective that will be a blessing to each person who has influence with a child.

4.  Understanding Early Childhood

On December 12th, I will be taking the opportunity of sharing what the Lord has taught Heather and I over the past 9 years of parenting.  We have a 9 year old, 6 year old and 3 year old that have helped us learn much in this area.

5.  Question & Answer Panels

Each night there will be a question and answer time with the speakers and pastors

6.  Resources, Resources, Resources

If you are like me, you like to have resources to learn from like DVDs, books, websites, etc.  We will have a special book table and resource suggestions each night so that you can take what you learn home with you.

7.  Prizes

There will be nightly door prizes as well as a grand prize drawing for a Free Retreat.  (Men’s Retreat, Ladies Retreat, Couples Retreat (

 8.  Seminar Snacks

What is a seminar without a great snack table?  Enjoy some seasonal refreshments while you sit and learn about becoming a better parent of grandparent.

9.  Child Care

Nurseries will be available as well as our AWANA program for 2-11 year-olds.  Teenagers will be able to participate in Youth Group with Pastor Steve Miller.

10.  It’s Free

The best part is that there is no cost to you.  Come and learn what God can do to help you be a better parent and trian your children in the ways of the Lord.

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