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Date Your Mate – Part 2

Last post we defined the date. This week we balance the budget.

I cannot tell you how many times I have taken the name of Dave Ramsey in Vain.  “DAAAAVE!”  After taking Dave Ramsey’s Course, Financial Peace University, there were hundreds of occasions that I wanted to forget the budget and just splurge.

 Who cares if I couldn’t afford it?  I wanted it and I wanted it… NOW!  But then I would picture Dave in his button-down shirt and hip, faded jeans saying in his thick southern drawl, “Live like no one else, so that later you can Live Like No One Else!”  Makes me sick!  But it did get me out of debt and on my way to financial security.  By the way, thanks Dave! When it comes to dating your mate, you will never be able to do this effectively if you don’t budget for it!

 Dating: Balancing the Budget

 1.  Set Aside the Money


 Once you begin to budget, you will have no excuse to ignore the importance of the romantic dating relationship.  Although there are many kinds of dates, and some are drastically cheaper than others, the truth of the matter is that dating will cost you money.  Start by having a dining budget.  Set aside enough money for you and your love to go out every once in while and eat alone.  Someone else will do the dishes.  Someone else will prepare the food.  Someone else will watch the children.  You will be able to focus on each other.  Develop an entertainment fund.  Eating is great but let’s do something fun!  It takes money to play a round of golf, see a show, or go to a movie.  Lastly, begin a Travel Fund!  You can watch others around you travel the globe or you can join them.

I know what some of you are thinking.  “I don’t have the kind go money to waste on silly things like that.”  Yet the truth is that we will find money for things that are important to us.  That is why, when you purchased your last vehicle, you got every extra knob the dealership had to offer.  That is why, you have 320 channels, the NFL package, and enough DVD’s to open your own Blockbuster Video Store.  Ladies, that is why you will spend $200 for a purse and $50 a month on manicures.  The point is, we set aside money for the things that are important to us.  Make your marriage a priority!

 2.  Schedule the Time


 Life gets busy!  So if you want to Date your Mate, you must set aside the time to do so.  And don’t tell me you don’t have time when you are able to spend hours every week playing that video game or hours every day watching television. We all find time to do what is important to us.

–  set aside 1-2 hours every week (a small amount of time for a simple date)
–  set aside 4-5 hours every month (every 4th week you should go out and do something)
–  set aside 12-24 hours every 6 Months (a night away or a morning to evening adventure)
–  set aside 3-7 Days every other year (A True Get-Away)


In the next few posts, I will get more specific about the different dating categories.  Yet, the point is, do your calendar and schedule time with your spouse!

What do you think?  What are the best ways that you have sets aside funds for Dating?  Do you agree with the premise that what doesn’t get budgeted doesn’t get done?  Express your comments below.

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