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Keys to Delivering a Great Speech

On this episode of The Idea Talks we discuss the 10 Keys to Delivering a Great Speech!

Today’s podcast is not specifically addressing Biblical preaching.  Preaching is clearly inherently so much more than a simple speech.  However, there are many elements that the preacher can learn from the professional speaker.

Today we will see that a speaker must:

  1. Analyzing the audience
  2. Have a Passion for & Knowledge of the Material
  3. Becoming Relatable to the Audience
  4. Not Speak Down to the Audience
  5. Not Speak Over the Heads of the Audience
  6. Understand that You will Bomb
  7. Don’t Be Boring!!!
  8. End On Time!
  9. Work on Your Craft
  10. Deal with Distractions

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    Matthew Roop
    June 6, 2018 at 2:21 pm

    I was waiting for, “The Effective Speaker has a message to deliver, has a definite purpose in giving that message, and is consumed with the necessity of getting that message across and accomplishing that purpose.”

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