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Believe & Achieve the Impossible

These are the notes for our most recent podcast episode!

Sit back – relax – and enjoy the show.


We are limited by our unbelief more than any other factor. (Time, money, talent, education, etc.)

  • Belief Shapes Reality

Some people will never move forward because they just don’t believe it is possible.  Success & Failure all begin with a single thought and then are followed by a visual image.

  • Unbelief is Killing your Dreams.

What if men like Steve Jobs and Walt Disney refused to imagine and create?

  • You can CHANGE your beliefs.

People do this everyday when they receive Christ as Savior.  They repent of their old beliefs and establish new beliefs.

  1. Recognize the limiting belief
  2. Record the limiting belief
  3. Review the Belief
  4. Reject the Belief
  5. Revise the Belief

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