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A Huge Celebration


August 7th!  Mark it down!  Get off work!  Cancel the trip!  Do whatever you’ve got to do to be at Southern Hills Baptist Church on the first Sunday in August!  This is going to be a HUGE celebration of Jesus Christ and all that He’s done in our lives and in our church.

Super Summer Sunday presented by Kidopolis

 Get the kids ready for Super Hero Day!  Each child can dress up as their favorite superhero and use their powers for the good of humanity.  Face-painting stations will give ample opportunity for each child to express their heroism right on their face!  The only thing better than normal cupcakes is SUPERHERO CUPCAKES – and we have lots.  The bounce-houses will allow your little super-kid to feel the excitement of flight as they jump from one to another.  This special themed day is to provide the children with a wonderful memory related to church while taking specific time to teach them of the greatest hero of all: Jesus Christ.

 Building Update

 Okay – So we’re all pretty excited about the new church building, right?  But where are we in the process?  When is the GRAND OPENING?  What are the contractors doing now?  When can we get a tour?  All of these questions, and more, will be answered on August 7th!  If you’ve just been dying to get a closer look at our new property – you’ll be terribly disappointed if you miss church on August 7th!

12-Year Recap Video

 The future is bright!  The present is exciting!  But the past is beautiful!  During our celebration of Jesus on August 7th we are going to take specific time to celebrate what He has been doing in our little church over the past 12 years.  Don’t be surprised if you see a few pictures of you in this nostalgic walk down memory lane.

New Sermon Series

What if I were to reveal the reason most relationships die?  There are modern myths about love that most in our society have believed.  Hook, line, and sinker many have gobbled up the myth of the soul mate, the illusion of easy love, and the invention of the compatible couple.  I’m about to expose what they never told you about love, sex, and romance.  You’ll discover the secret to a powerful relationship and find out how develop the intimacy you desire.

Whether your relationship status is single, married, or simply complicated – you’re going to love the ancient secrets, rare truths, and deep insights provided in this 4-week sermon series.

That’s it folks!  If you miss this Sunday you’re likely going to regret it FOREVER!  Seriously!  When your friends are talking about the amazing experience of August 7th – you’re gong to feel so out-of-the-loop.  When you turn on the news and see reports of the single-greatest-Sunday-service in the history of humanity – you’re going to be upset.  Decades from now, when your grandchildren ask where you were on August 7th, 2016 during the “Great 12-Year Celebration of Southern Hills” – you’ll have to hang your head low and admit, “Grandma was a bit of a fool, and miss it.”  Don’t regret your life!  Come to the Biggest Event our church has ever seen!

I look forward to seeing you on Sunday!


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