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Episode 06 – Refreshing An Established Church



In this episode, Josh Teis talks with Tony Liuzzo about how to refresh an established church. Tony pastors a thriving church in Columbus, Ohio. When he took over as the lead pastor the church had declined to an average of 400 people. Now the church averages 750 people on a weekly basis.
Quotes from the episode:
“In order for God to get you where he wants you to be, he has to put you through the fire.” – Tony Liuzzo

“Lord, move or move me.” – Tony Liuzzo

“If we would find that and not look at it as competing with the older, every church would do better. We’re not competing with the older,
don’t try to get rid of them. Honor them, love them.” – Tony Liuzzo

“The first thing that I did, was nothing.” – Tony Liuzzo

“Refreshing an established church means you have to change some things that aren’t working. Or, change some things that worked in the 70’s and 80’s.” – Tony Liuzzo

“For the first year I was preaching the gospel and what doesn’t change and where I stood, so they knew my heart.” – Tony Liuzzo

“A lot of times the lines get blurred for what’s biblical and what’s traditional.” – Tony Liuzzo

“You honor God by being biblical, you don’t honor God just by being traditional. Now, don’t throw out traditions just because you’re trying to make change. There are some traditions that are good and healthy.” – Tony Liuzzo

“The fact is the Bible says everything about our doctrine, but it says very little about our tradition.” – Josh Teis

“I’ve noticed it might be that way because we’ve constantly feel the necessity to add a scripture verse to our tradition.” – Josh Teis

“Shame on any pastor that takes over a church and they’re more faithful to try to uphold the traditions than they are to uphold the purpose of why that church was established. And that’s to reach the community and to reach the lost.” – Tony Liuzzo

“The methods that they used, they used because they worked for their day and age and for their generation. “ – Tony Liuzzo

“We’d make a change and say, ‘let me tell you how God is working with this’”. – Tony Liuzzo

“Honor the past, but have a vision for the future.” – Tony Liuzzo
“If you want to refresh your church, get your church focused on people.” – Tony Liuzzo

“Shame on me if I turn (the church) into a museum rather than a rescue mission for souls.” – Tony Liuzzo

Resources from this episode:

Autopsy of a Deceased Church – http://www.lifeway.com/Product/autops…

Connect with Tony Liuzzo:

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  • Reply
    Leon Stevens
    June 2, 2016 at 4:11 pm

    I love these two quotes…. Pastor Liuzzo truly is a man of vision…Good job Pastor Teis!

    Honor the past, but have a vision for the future.” – Tony Liuzzo
    “Shame on me if I turn (the church) into a museum rather than a rescue mission for souls.” – Tony Liuzzo

  • Reply
    Cindi Porter
    June 2, 2016 at 5:35 pm

    I was saved at FEllowship Baptist Church under pastor Dinoff. He was an incredible man of God and I loved he and his wife Jean. Served there many years until moving away and have gone back when in Ohio for the summer and have heard pastor Tony a few times. Loved the service and Tony is a dynamic preacher.

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