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Media Madness

“Be still, and know that I am God.” – Psalm 46:10

I have a computer. It has YouTube. YouTube will suck the life right out of me if I let it. Adorable kittens, dancing babies, and skiing squirrels are vying for my attention. And YouTube is just one of Millions of Media websites that consume the mind.

I have a phone. It even makes phone calls. But it also gives me access to my personal music collection of thousands of songs, sermons, and books. I can listen to people podcast about everything from quilting to beet farming. I can download movies I already own on VHS so that I can watch them ANYWHERE at ANYTIME. I can Tweet from it, Instagram from it, Pinterest from it  and even Periscope from it. It has Facebook! FACEBOOK PEOPLE! I can spend hours catching up with people I knew years ago by seeing what they ate last night and what they think about the latest episode of Real Housewives of Antarctica. I can even post about myself and wait to see if people LIKE what I posted! I could spend 24 hours a day surrounded by media!

But God says, “Stop!” Be still and quiet for one moment. Remember to think about God! I’m looking forward to discussing this in more detail in our sermon based small group this week. If you don’t yet have a small group, contact the church offices and speak with Pastor Jason right away. You can use your phone – remember, it even makes phone calls. What small group do you attend? Do you tire of the media madness?

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