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    The Perfect Valentine

    Welcome to my inner thoughts. Each year a battle takes place in my mind as I attempt to pick out the perfect Valentine gift for my beloved Heather. My thoughts are…

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    3 Kinds of Liars

    Dishonesty is a true sign that a relationship is not working. No one is perfect and it’s dishonest to present yourself as perfect to your partner. We all have a past…

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    Unspoken Words

    Destroying many relationships today are the words that go unsaid. In the nine short years that I have pastored the good people of Southern Hills Baptist Church I have had hundreds…

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    Absence Makes the Heart Grow Cold

    When I was a child I watched many Disney movies. Sword in the Stone, Fox and the Hound, and Peter Pan were among my favorites. I remember in Disney’s Robin Hood…

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    Too Busy For Marriage

    When my father was a 20 year-old Bible major at Liberty University he learned a lesson that I have heard him retell numerous times. After hearing a particularly powerful sermon during…