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So.  Heather and I have started a brand-new podcast and we want to get your feedback.

  1. What is it?

A few months ago, I started looking for a podcast I could recommend to new Christians and new members of our church.  I wanted something that taught theology at an entry level position.  Something that could take the deep truths of scripture and bring them to the bottom shelf for everyone to reach.  Since I couldn’t find what I was looking for, I decided to approach Heather and see if she would be interested in producing our own


  1. Why a weekly podcast?

We’ve already recorded 7 episodes, having released only 2 thus far.  Each Tuesday morning another episode will go live on our podcast.  This weekly format allows us to cover many deep theological concepts (the existence of God), while taking time for some fun Bible conversations (5 favorite Bible Heroes).

  • Studying Theology

Episodes like The Existence of God, General & Special Revelation, The Divine & Moral Attributes of God, The Trinity as Divinity, and Creationism are all discussed in a fun and relaxed way allowing for even the newest believer to grow in their faith.

  • Talking Bible Stories

Episodes like 5 Favorite Heroes of the Bible, 5 Favorite Books of the Bible, Controversial Villains of the Bible, 5 Strangest Moments in the Bible, and 5 Funniest Moments in the Bible are shared in order to broaden the scope of the listener’s narrative knowledge as well to entertain the entire family.


  1. Where can I find this Podcast?
  • On Apple iTunes

  •  On PodOmatic

  • On the Radio each Saturday and Sunday at 5:30pm


  1. How can I Help
  • We’d love some suggestions on future podcast episodes.

You could help us by going to and leaving us a comment on what you’d like to have discussed in a future episode.

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