It really doesn’t matter if you’re a Republican or a Democrat.

You could be a diehard Dallas Cowboys fan and find that you’ll agree with a Philadelphia Eagles fan, at least on this one point.

Even the redneck and the socialite will find common ground here.

I think we can all agree.

During this COVID-19 Pandemic…

There are some everyday heroes who really deserve our thanks.



To Our Grocery Store Clerks

When we, the cloistered people of Netflix, venture from our darkened lairs into the sunlight it’s typically to secure supplies and then scurry back home before we can be contaminated.  We find the grocery stores to be oddly similar to what we remember, but somewhat post-apocalyptic.  Extremely crowded, we see people are in masks, social distancing warning signs are displayed, PA systems announce 6-foot recommendations, gloves are worn, and many shelves are sparse.  

One thing that hasn’t changed is the store clerk.  

Underpaid and overworked they face the public with grace and determination.  Exhausted from standing for hours on end, they continue to serve a public that is often inconsiderate and irritable.

While many of us complain about having to work from home, they leave the comfort and safety of home in order to serve our local communities.  These are the face-to-face heroes who make up the final step in our national food distribution process.  

And we thank you!

To Our Truckers

I live in Las Vegas.  We are an island in the middle of a vast desert.  If it weren’t for these men and women, our city would be without food in a matter of days.  These unsung heroes cross the country, night and day, so that our shelves may be stocked and our pantries may be full.

To our truckers we say, Thank You!

To Our Medical Professionals

Here’s to the nurses, doctors, hospice workers, EMTs, and trained caregivers who are worn-out, drained, fatigued, and a bit jaded.  We are inspired by your love and commitment.  While others are running from this virus – you are running toward it!

I’m convinced that, up until this global event, we haven’t show enough gratitude to those who have dedicated themselves to the medical profession.  However, just as 9/11 rightfully elevated the fireman to national hero status, so the Coronavirus epidemic will hoist our healthcare professionals to the apt position of neighborhood hero.

To help our medical professionals you can sign up for the Easter Blood Drive in Las Vegas – HERE

To my friends in the medical field – THANK YOU!

To Our Scientists

I’m not a scientist.  I’ve never worn a white coat and worked in lab.  Like most Americans, I’ve not really thought much about chemistry, biology, geology, and physics since I graduated from High School.  I’m not even sure that I knew what an epidemiologist was a month ago.  

However, in moments like this, we suddenly become aware of those who have spent their lives deeply studying one particular field.  Right now, there are men and women who are working tirelessly to find a cure to the Coronavirus.  Right now, there are scientists who are forsaking everything in order to help the general population.

So then, to Sheldon, Leonard, Bernadette, Raj, or whatever your name may be – THANK YOU!

To Our Tech Guys

This one goes out to all of the techies who are keeping us otherwise occupied throughout the quarantine.  I can’t imagine the expansion that internet providers, streaming services, and computer technicians have had to balance throughout this entire event.  

Even the religious communities of the world have been able to continue some of their sacred practices through the internet.  Our tech team at Southern Hills Church in Las Vegas has been especially helpful as they have expanded our YouTube channel, Podcasts, Facebook Page, & online presence.

Thank you, Tech Guys – Truly!

To Our Government Officials

Yeah, yeah, yeah!  I know. 

We’re supposed to deeply hate or passionately worship our politicians.  These seem to be the only two acceptable choices for the modern American.  

Criticize them?  Venerate them?

How about we just appreciate them for a minute?


I’m sure there have been mistakes made.  Humans are prone to make mistakes, especially under a great amount of pressure.  But what our federal government and local governments have done in this short amount of time is nothing short of extraordinary.

I’m sure you and I could’ve done much better.  Certainly, we would have been better prepared, quicker to respond, and less grouchy when fielding questions.  You and I would’ve saved the world without having to close a single sports venue, movie theater, or local church.  Right?!? 

Look, I’m not saying that everything has been done perfectly.  And I’m even pretty sure we’ll find out about missteps taken and mistakes made along the way.  Those will be revealed in months to come, I’m sure.

But for now…

For this brief and fleeting moment in our society’s history…

Can we just say thank you to our government officials?

I think we can all agree! 

Some expressions of gratitude ought be delivered to some of the modern-day heroes around us.

It needs to be said…

So, here I am saying it…


Who have I left out?  What other “heroes” should be thanked in this midst of this national crisis? Comment below:

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  1. Matt B says:

    Fully agree! I want to thank the Postal workers as well!

  2. Kenneth says:

    Honestly, I could care less what the far left has to say about the current administration. For a virus as dangerous as this one is coming from across the world , I find it to be an incredible achievmentnl for finding a vaccine in such a short period of time (which should take years) from my understanding. And more incredible is the response time from doctors, nurses, to first responders and military personnel for setting up any emergency needs for patients etc. My only concern is that i hope when things are normalized people won’t forget and appreciate life more and come to Christ…

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