Movie Review – Light in the Darkness

I’ve never reviewed a movie on my blog before. This fact seems a bit odd since my blog has developed into a hodgepodge of theology, practical ministry, marriage & parenting, humor, book reviews and random other topics of unrelated origin. Combine my unfocused posting with my love of movies and it’s a bit surprising that I’ve never reviewed a single movie over the last 18 months.

Light in the Darkness deserves to be the first. This documentary produced by ProChurch can truthfully be called a short film coming in at just over 30 minutes. Yet how the team at ProChurch was able to pack in so many fascinating stories and compelling shots will remain a mystery to me. The cinematography is breathtaking! I’ve personally traveled to India and have been overwhelmed by the sights, sounds, smells of the exotic subcontinent. Yet more than its beauty, the production team was able to capture the sense of chaotic spiritual energy that seems to permeate India. While watching this film I felt like I had traveled back to this very foreign destination.

The film follows a man named Das. Das is a Christian in a world of Hindus. This man’s journey typifies the typical life of a believer in India and allows us to vicariously see India through his native eyes. We are able to seem him at home, at work, interacting with friends and speaking of his dedication to Jesus Christ. Connected to Das we meet others who are on their own spiritual journeys including a Sadhu (holy man) who appears to be utterly confused about his faith and eternal destination. Each of the characters I met while watching this movie told their stories with passion and heart. Several times I had to remind myself that this is not a Hollywood drama, that these are real people with real stories.

If you like movies you will want to get a copy of this dramatic work. If you are interested in foreign missions you will want to see how the Light of Christ is able to penetrate even the darkest of places. If you are a Christian you will want to connect with your brothers and sisters who are living out our common faith under persecution.

I highly recommend this movie for congregational viewing, family movie night, small group discussion or personal home viewing. Get a copy today!

To find out more about Light in the Darkness Click here: Light in the Darkness Movie

Have you seen this film yet? What did you think? Will you be getting a copy? Comment below:

  1. Jason Holt says:

    After previewing this film last month, I can’t get Das out of my mind! India desperately needs more trained national church planters. Vision Baptist Missions and proChurch did a fantastic job showing us the spiritual need and the biblical solution. Thanks for the review!

  2. I recently watched it and my heart was greatly stirred! I am so thankful for the guys at ProChurch and Vision Baptist Missions that have a heart to tell Das’ story. I praise The Lord that Das now lives his life to tell Jesus story in India and all over the world! I pray that this film with motivate and mobilize folks to take the gospel to the world.

    • Joshua Teis says:

      I think that is the point Stephen. The Doc is meant to stir the heart of Christian america to look beyond it’s border and reach out with the light of the Gospel. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Caleb says:

    I like documentaries, I find myself looking to find a good one on Netflix. This documentary does not just do well for a Christian film, it’s produced better then most of what you will find on Netflix.

  4. I too watched the video and I believe that the point is not only that therr is a need in other countries, but also in our own backyard and that we don’t need to missionaires or pastors to lead others to Christ. Das is just an ordinary man who is making a difference and sharing Christ in his community. And the lady (whose story broke my heart) lead her family to the Lord. Who are we reaching in our family, in our neighborhood, in our community? Those people in India and other countries are outcasts after they recieve Christ as their saviour. We do not have it that bad in America. So what are we doing to share the good news with those around us today?

    • Joshua Teis says:

      Great point Jen! We too are missionaries in our own towns, cities and countries. We need to see christians in our own communities reach out to their neighbors, coworkers, friends and relatives with face-to-face gospel presentations as we see in Das’ example.

      • Yes! I just read what I posted and I’m glad you got what I meant. I was trying to say we don’t need to be a missionary, pastor, evangelist to lead others to the Lord. We message is simple and we need to share how God has worked in our life and what He’s done for us.

  5. David says:

    The reality of the need and the overwhelming power of the gospel hit me again and again. I praise The Lord for a realistic approach to Biblical missions that is portrayed here. I pray that The Lord uses this film to get the everyday believer to fall in love with Christ, preach his name, disciple others for the glory of God. I pray churches will invest into worldwide mission through people and resources. Vision missions and pro church did a great work and I look forward to more.

  6. Cecilia Cramer says:

    This film was amazing! I had the privilege of watching it with a group of West Coast Baptist College students in our last service of Missionary Prayer Band for the past semester. The film opened my eyes to what truly goes on in countries like India. I thought it was interesting that they accept Jesus but when someone decides to believe Him and turn their back on their other gods, they are persecuted.

    • Joshua Teis says:


      As American Christians we only seem to think of persecution in the past tense. when in actuality there are Christian persecutions happening today all over the world

  7. Eden says:

    My husband loves documentaries! Especially when they involve the bible. I will have to tell him about this one.
    It looks like one I might actually enjoy watching with him. Especially since it’s on 30ish minutes long. 😉

  8. Joseph Campbell sr says:

    Never heard of it but interested

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