5 Simple Ways to Spend More Time With Your Family

1. Spend some family time at the park.
Perhaps the greatest park in all of Vegas is Sunset Park with fishing ponds, a frisbee golf course, tennis courts and much more. With so many available options, a parent can’t go wrong in taking a few hours and going to the park.

2. Get out some board games
The games that you played as a child are still awesome! We have had more fun around our kitchen table with those games. It’s exciting to see a child “get it” and start thinking through the strategy of a certain game.

3. Lunch after church can be a family day!
One of my favorite moments every Sunday is when we all come back together and sit down for lunch ready to discuss what we have learned that morning. Sometimes we go out to lunch and allow someone else to do the cooking and cleaning up. We find this Sunday tradition to produce some of our best family time.

4. Take a little trip.
From my driveway to the parking lot of Disneyland can be trekked in less than 4 hours. This allows us to step away from work and focus completely on our children. It may take a little planning, but it is worth it.

5. Cut out early.
Occasionally, when I can get ahead of my work, I like to cut out a little early and go home to see the kids after school. Realizing there is more to life than my occupation helps me focus on the importance of family.

  1. Beverly Ritz says:

    One of my favorite memories took place on random mornings. My kids were always sleepyheads and they were near impossible to get them up and at them. That’s why I’d yell “pillow fight in mommy’s room! That was their signal to jump up, grab their pillows and the war was on. Everyone had to keep there feet off the floor and it was my job to get both the pillows from them. I think I actually had more fun than they did.

    • Anonymous says:

      Beverly, You sound like such a cool mom:) Way to go! I don’t like getting hit with pillows so I can’t ditto your coolness, but I am a furniture jumper. Does that count? And when my son and I jump on our beds or couch… we jump! I may not have springs in my couch any more, but we have many fun tag game memories to make up for the loss. 🙂

  2. Scrabble! This is what our life is all about! Sure, we may be word nerds, but we are FUN word nerds. Lol 🙂 Disney hasn’t worked in our schedule this year, but Red Rock and Mt. Charleston have been wonderful day trips to fill our Saturdays with exercise and memories. Oh, and a little town on the way to Boulder City called Nelson, NV. If one has not been…one needs to go! 🙂

  3. From the “get go”, my wife did not “do” mornings. So children’s wake up, baths and breakfast fell to me, as I rose early for work. First one, then two, then three plus me – every morning.
    We’d read Bible stories, pray, make up recipes, and cook CRAZY stuff – talked about our worries and happiness – you name it.
    The laughter most often got mom out to join the fun too!
    So back then I’d go to work, and often listen to guys wishing they had more “quality time” with their kids.
    Well – DUH!
    Now – decades later, my kids are doing the same with their kids – because it is just the best time of any day.
    It’s a good bet your alarm clock can be set 45 or 60 minutes earlier.

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